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150081_0431_R1 | Episode 3.04 - The Deep End | Promotional Episode Photos | Season 3 | The Bold Type | Photos | SpoilerTV

SpoilerTV | Photos | The Bold Type | Season 3 | Promotional Episode Photos | Episode 3.04 - The Deep End | 150081_0431_R1

THE BOLD TYPE - "The Deep End" - Jane stumbles on the scoop of a lifetime, but Jacqueline turns down the pitch when her impending 10th-anniversary gala and continued power-struggles with Patrick force her to contemplate her future with Scarlet. Sutton preps a design seminar application for Oliver's recommendation, but he remains distracted by things in his personal life. Kat decides to run for City Council but reconsiders when she learns what the opposition might spin about her past. This episode of "The Bold Type" airs April 30 (8:00-9:01 P.M. EDT) on Freeform. (Freeform/Jonathan Wenk) KATIE STEVENS, MEGHANN FAHY, AISHA DEE

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